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These white eBoardStuff HyperDrive wheels will have a black base with one color on top.

  • Our 90mm HyperDrive wheels bolt right onto your stock Boosted Board to give you a smoother ride and some extra top speed!
  • Special 77a 'thane is a perfect balance of comfort, grip, and durability.
  • These wheels do not require any modification to your board! Just bolt on and ride.


  • Diameter - 90mm
  • Width - 52mm
  • Durometer - 77a
  • Core - Center

Adds Speed with stock Boosted pulleys:

  • V2/V2+ - adds 2.5mph
  • V3 MiniS/X - adds 2.5mph
  • V3 Stealth/Plus - adds 1.5mph


Due to the nature of the wheels being dyed, versus the urethane itself being that color, the colors may fade slightly to a lighter shade over time. Like any wheels, dyed or not, after wear from the road, the colors may appear slightly less vibrant than when they were brand new. As the dye settles into the urethane, the lines between colors may also appear less crisp and more blurred.

The wheels will not lose any quality or performance due to the dye, and will last just as long as plain stock wheels. Refunds will only be issued on unused wheels.

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